How to Grow Your Email List by Up to 25K Today

How to Grow Your Email List by Up to 25K Today

There are more than 3.9 billion global email users in 2020. That’s a huge number, and guess what? It’s only going to get bigger now that remote work and communication is becoming more prominent. 

Email marketing was, and will continue to be, one of the most powerful marketing channels companies use today to drive meaningful actions.

But developing a successful email marketing campaign isn’t a walk in the park. From strategy to execution, the process can range from complicated to overwhelming. If you’re reading this post, you probably know that good email marketing is more than just crafting a message and pushing “send.” 

In fact, the most difficult part of email marketing isn’t converting the prospects you already have. It’s growing your list. Email engagement and open rates are generally very high; and for e-commerce businesses, Email represents one of most efficient channels through which to consistently generate revenue. 

But again, you need size to convert in volume. And it’s not just about having a lot of subscribers; it’s about having the right ones. 

Hands down, the best way to generate a ton of high-quality email subscribers (up to 25,000!) is to run a co-branded sweepstakes. Let’s talk a bit about why co-branded sweepstakes are so effective, and dive into how you can leverage them to drive super efficient list growth and revenue. 

Credibility and intent through brand partnerships

The time-honored way to generate leads through giveaways is via social media. 

The method is simple: you promote a free product to incentivize email subscription. Sounds simple, right? And for the most part, social media is fairly effective at generating volume. The issue is this: net new emails generated via social media are almost always low-intent. Marketers are reliant on third-party advertising segments to reach prospects that they think might be interested in their products. 

A social media giveaway.

For the most part, generating opt-ins is easy. But unsubscribe rates are always high, because you have no way of knowing whether your audience is actually in your target market. You’re beholden to Facebook’s targeting algorithm. For this reason, even leads generated during the contest period that don’t unsubscribe are generally fairly low-impact, as they convert at a lower rate. 

Co-branded sweepstakes offer a definitive way around this dilemma. By partnering with a brand that’s similar to yours, you can ensure that most users that enter the sweepstakes during the contest period are in your target market. 

While a brand partnership won’t help you grow your email list on its own, it will ensure that the emails you gain during the contest period are high quality--which, as we’ve discussed, is half the battle!

Maximize intent through dedicated landing pages

We all know the use case for creating a landing page. A landing page gives marketers the ability to highlight one specific event, promotion, or product

Whether you want to run a contest or sell something online, a dedicated landing page is an absolute necessity for maximizing intent--and, by extension, maximizing conversion rates.

In the world of co-branded giveaways, creating a convincing landing page is a surefire way to ensure that the people that enter your giveaways are genuinely interested in your brand (and your brand partners!)

High volume through reach

With the quality question taken care of, let’s talk about the reason you came to this post: quantity. You want to build your email list, and you want to do it fast. 

Partnering with a similar, quality brand for your sweepstakes gives you access to unparalleled reach. It’s why brands like Birchbox, when they partner with FindKeep.Love, generate upwards of 30K emails (not to mention $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue) when they use our co-branded sweepstakes service

By leveraging brand partners with similar audiences to their own, Birchbox was able to grow their email list by a huge number, 32,082 entrants to be exact. And because those prospects were already in their target market, they converted at a great rate when targeted through personalized email marketing. 

A carefully chosen prize goes a long way in building your email list

Choosing the right giveaway prize is a crucial step to building your email list. If your prize is not enticing enough, you risk not truly maximizing the list building potential of your campaign. 


At FindKeep.Love, we take care of the prize selection process for you. We ensure each prize is highly relevant, and that each brand partner contributes as equally as possible. And because you have the benefit of partnering with brands like yours, you get to promote a prize that’s way larger than if you ran an independent giveaway. 

And when the giveaway ends? We handle winner selection for you. 

Finding the perfect brand partner to grow your email list

By now you understand how co-branded sweepstakes can help you build your email list fast. But how on earth do you find the right partner for your campaign?

It’s not enough to find businesses that operate in a similar target market. You need to partner with a brand with significant audience overlap to ensure that the list you grow through your sweepstakes is high-intent. 

At FindKeep.Love, we partner you with the perfect brand partners to help you maximize your list growth. Brands that use us gain instant access to our network of over 7,000 best-in-class brands. We’re have relationships with CEOs, CMOs, and Brand Managers--all at top consumer brands. These are brands with existing lists, existing quality customer bases, and existing clout that you can partner with to grow your email list to the max. 

FindKeep.Love makes it super easy to grow your email list 

At FindKeep Love, we help brands develop and execute co-sponsored sweepstakes to grow their email lists in a simple and cost-efficient way. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Get partnered. We partner you with a best-in-class brand in your niche. 
  2. Legal and compliance. We provide turnkey legal set-up to make it easier for brands to partner in cohesive way.
  3. Live sweepstakes mediation. We closely mediate the cross-marketing campaign to make sure all brands contribute as equally as possible. 
  4. Traffic and sales. On the user-side, giveaway entrants are taken through an immersive flow in which they have the opportunity to genuinely learn about your brand through watching commercials that we then quiz them on with the rewards of earning more entries. 
  5. Conversion rate optimization. We teach all our brands best practices for list management, including how to capitalize on their new contacts through high-ROI SMS and email marketing. 
Want to engage your audience without platform dependency? Want to grow your email list by up to 25K and drive repeat sales month after month? Check out our full-service sweepstakes service today.

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