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Holiday Cheers - Erin H.
January 2021
Little Ray of Sunshine - Kristen H.
April 2021
Kid, You'll Move Mountains - Christina S
January 2021
Holy Chic - Beth W.
May 2021

"I am absolutely floored and amazed that I get to go on a $2K+ shopping spree for the holidays. I already have a cute Christmas wreath picked out for my front door. Thank you so much FKL, I never thought I'd actually win this!"

Denise C.

Jurupa Valley, CA

"I guess like all other entrants, I never really thought I would win. I just entered and read about all the prizes and thought, "Wow, that would be really nice to win." Looking over all the fabulous prizes and reading the testimonials inspired me to keep entering to the point where I knew the companies and products by name. Still, here we are, and I won!!! You just made my day!!!"

Claudette S.

St. Louis, MO

"I have been entering the FindKeep.Love Sweepstakes and was hoping to win the Fun Fur the Whole Family sweepstakes and guess what I did Win!!!! How awesome is that!! My dogs & cats are my "kids" and boy are they going to be spoiled after I use all the awesome gift cards to get them food, toys, beds, and more!!! Thank you FindKeep.Love!!"

Heather M.

Golden Valley, AZ

"I have entered FKL Sweepstakes before and always wondered who really won. Well I just did! The FKL representative easily walked me through the awards process. I received my prizes a day after completing the paperwork! Thanks FKL!"

Luther T.

Chesapeake, VA

"I have been entering all of the awesome FindKeep.Love sweeps for about six months now and on my birthday, of all days, received notification that I won the Wake Up and Slay sweeps! 🎉 Truly the best birthday gift EVER! Thanks for the great giveaways, FindKeep.Love! ❤️"

Nicole C.

Berkley Heights, NJ

"I am thrilled to have won the Leisure Time sweepstakes! I am looking forward to receiving all the great products from the amazing companies! Thank you so much! I just love FindKeep.Love!"

Susan M.

San Diego, CA

"Wow this is so amazing!! This honestly has made not only my whole day, but my whole year. This is such a huge blessing and I feel extremely honored to have won this prize. As a mom to 6 kids (5 are school-aged) it’s definitely been a rough year, and I know it has been for a lot of us. This honestly has brightened my whole year and for that I could never thank FindKeep.Love and all the companies enough. To be able to get new things for our house, new things for this momma like haircare, skincare and jewelry. New things for our dog. I keep pinching myself making sure this isn’t a dream! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My whole family is so excited and thankful!!"

Mary F.

Middle River, MD

"Real people really do win! I am so excited that I won these prizes! Thanks so much FindKeep.Love!!!"

Brett H.

Meridian, ID

"I am so so so grateful to have won the Here Comes the Bride Sweepstakes!!! This takes so much stress off of my plate planning my wedding and the vendors featured are incredible!"

Michelle A.

Pearland, TX

"I have found FindKeep.Love to be a legitimate (always a concern these days) sweepstakes. They promote smaller companies that have excellent products and services. In addition I found the personnel at FindKeep.Love to be very friendly and helpful! I plan to keep entering sweepstakes and sampling their promoted products!"

Jim T.

Oro Valley, AZ

"I am so excited!! I will be moving into a new place next month and can't wait to make it home with new candles, decor, books, and goods. Not to mention, use the NuFace products to help with all the wrinkles and stress from packing, moving and unboxing. Thank you, FindKeep.Love!"

Brooke B.

Dallas, TX

"I cannot express adequately how excited I am to receive the winning letter! Odds were probably against me, but my luck won out this time. I am keeping my granddaughter this summer and materials to tutor her will now be provided by the gift cards provided by the websites. Wow! So excited ... It was easy to enter...I just tried to enter consistently each morning. Thank you to the sponsors for providing the prizes and thank you to "FindKeep.Love" for providing the experience!"

Terry S.

Lafayette, IN

"Thank you so very much for the opportunity to win gifts through Better World, Better You, and thank you so much for the gift cards! They are wonderful! I truly appreciate all of them!"

Martin B.

New Britain, CT

"What a great week! I am so lucky and grateful to have won the Holy Chic Sweepstakes! I just saw that I received all the prizes promised and am looking forward to going to each and every website to spend my prizes gift cards. I have nothing but gratitude for the 6 wonderful sponsors of the sweepstakes! Thank you again so much for the quick response, you guys made a rough year (I'm a teacher-virtual and in person), so fantastic!"

Beth W.

Hobart, IN

"FindKeep.Love has been a bright spot for me this year! Winning the giftcards has given me the chance to give the gifts I wanted to give at Christmas, while introducing me to some amazing products I never knew about!"

Chalice W.

Jackson, WY

"I want to thank you and your team for picking me to win the Ohana Means Family Sweepstakes. My family and I have had a great time shopping with these gift cards. All items were quality and shipped out quickly!"

Cherie D.

Sublette, KS

"I was so excited to win the Little Ray of Sunshine Sweepstakes! The prizes are all so practical for our family and will come in very handy!"

Kristin H.

Kingsland, GA

"I was delighted to find out I’d won the Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful Sweepstakes! As a caregiver, I often forget to take care of myself. Thanks to FindKeep.Love, I now have the opportunity to explore all the wonderful things from PRAI Beauty, Irwin Naturals, Amelia Rose Design, and especially Birchbox! What a fabulous gift!"

Nancy H.

Milwaukie, OR

"I was super excited to hear I won the Stay Home, Stay Healthy sweepstakes! I spent the weekend putting my gift cards to good use. Thank you and the sponsors for the great day I had!"

Patricia E.

Sunrise Beach, MO

"I have followed FindKeep.Love for a long time. I enjoy the new and different companies I have been introduced to through them, along with the amazing discounts that are offered. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was the winner of the "Ready for Spring Sweepstakes!" I am thrilled and look forward to celebrating spring with the amazing products and shopping sprees from the various companies. This is truly a wonderful start to the season! Thank you!!!"

Emily B.

Lone Tree, CO

"What a fantastic surprise! Checking my email to find out I had won the "Made for Stylish Shopping Sweepstakes!" FindKeepLove was helpful and professional. A top notch company! Receiving gift cards from such fantastic shops made my day. With my birthday coming up, this was the perfect gift. I want to thank, not only FindKeepLove, but the shops that provided such generous prizes: SOKO, Makeup Eraser, TPH by Taraji, Brightech and Bella Ella Boutique. Thank you all! I can't wait to shop!"

Joann H.

Ocala, FL

"I was super excited to hear I won the Positive Minds, Positive Vibes Sweepstakes! My wife and I love to travel (hopefully we can get back to that soon) and I’m a serious foodie, and ultra-runner, and cannot wait to start putting these gift cards to good use! Thanks FKL Team!"

Andrew G.

Hudson, OH

"When I found out I won the New Year Resolutions Sweepstakes I was in disbelief! I was so excited to win so much and from so many different sponsors. The difference in prizes makes for a great Sweepstakes. It let me connect with different stores and encouraged me to learn the stories behind their shops. I am happy to say they all were extremely nice and helpful in sharing info about winning and themselves. I highly recommend entering these Sweepstakes and checking out the sponsors even if you don't win. They are amazing people and deserve attention and respect!"

Nicholas J.

Wyandotte, MI

"I was so happy to win the four great gift cards in the Style, Values, & Personality Sweepstakes! Gardening, travel, home, and coffee for a cause, with spring and summer approaching, I will make great use of them all!"

Trisha S.

Wyndmoor, PA

"I was super excited to have won the ''Kid, You'll Move Mountains Sweepstakes.' I have been following the FindKeep.Love website for a few years now and have always been impressed by the giveaways. With these prizes, I'm able to get my daughter a wonderful birthday gift package as well as buy some gifts for my best friend who is having a baby soon. Also, the hotel stay will come in handy for my husband and my anniversary this year. Thank you so much to FindKeep.Love and all the sponsors! You have made my year 2021!"

Christina S.

Orrtanna, PA

"Great news to hear that I won the Celebrate 2021 Winter Luxury Giveaway! What a way to start the new year with luxury prizes following a pandemic year. The skin care products from Filorga and RESET Bioscience will make the skin look better while wearing new jewelry from Allurez and the stylist outfit from Italist! Add to that, handbag from Aimee Kestenberg. All this while staying at Sanctuary Hotel New York in the heart of Time Square with spending money provided by SheFinds! Thank you for doing these awesome sweepstakes throughout the year!"

Donald J.

Sacramento, CA

"I've never won a sweepstakes before, and being chosen was so exciting! This is just the Winter-blues boost I needed; now I can do more than just window shop. Thank you!!"

Erin H.

Burke, VA

"I am so grateful to have won the Spread a Little Joy Sweepstakes contest! You helped me to end 2020 on a high note, as I needed a Little Joy! Prizes are awesome. I can't wait to start ordering stuff :) "

Melinda W.

Sandy, UT

"I am so grateful that I won the One in a Million Sweepstakes prize from FindKeep.Love! I have never received so many gift cards at once and look forward to shopping! Thank you!!"

Mitra R.

Austin, AR

"I was so excited to learn that I had won the Inspired at Home Sweepstakes. Now I get to shop at all these wonderful businesses!!"

Ellen K.

Pawcatuck, CT

"OMG that's so awesome!! And what wonderful news right before Christmas! I loved the name of this sweepstakes cause my dog sheds like crazy and usually I care, but this year (2020), I didn't!"

Elizabeth N.

Danville, CA

"I am so thrilled to win these amazing prizes from FindKeep.Love. These are just what I needed to stay strong and positive during our troubled times. Thank you!!"

Julie M.

Waupaca, WI

"Such exciting news to receive that I have won the Discover & Indulge Sweepstakes from FindKeep.Love. It has not only made my day, but my entire year!!"

Jessi L.

Northfield, MA

"I won Stay Home, Drink Wine Sweepstakes! Thank you, thank you so much! This is so much fun and so exciting! FindKeep.Love- I never win anything, but today, I did!!! So many prizes!! Thank you!!"

Debra J.

Avoca, NE

"It was so much fun entering the 'Let Them Be Little Sweepstakes.' I was so saddened with this year and seeing this sweepstakes in my FindKeep.Love email brought smiles. We all have to cherish these moments. Winning made me feel that my family has a second chance to appreciate these years as them being little. Thank you Breathable baby, Brothers All Natural, Feather Baby, Design Life Kids, Learning Resources, And Roaster's Marketplace for helping families like me, to let them be little. Thank you for everything!"

Vernectia H.

Brooklyn, NY

"I'm always excited to see the new prizes with all the different Sweepstakes. I've always wanted to win and now that I have I can tell you it's an amazing feeling! I feel so spoiled, so grateful and I can't wait to check out these amazing, classy, fun brands that I haven't had a chance to before! Thanks so much!!"

Scott B.

La Puente, CA

"I am blown away by the amazing prize package that I won in the Dream Bigger Sweepstakes. I still feel like I need to be pinched to make sure I'm not dreaming!"

Jessica S.

Phenix City, Alabama

"I can’t believe I won this amazing FindKeep.Love prize package! And in this most challenging of years, this prize package also allows me to send out many unique gifts as well. Thanks again for all the fun! I really do mean all of that. I was able to give my husband free pork chops; he is so happy, lol!"

Jean M.

Littleton, CO

"Luxe all the way! FindKeep.Love obviously knows how to find quality. I still can’t believe I actually won!"

Mike E.

Grayslake, IL

"Thank you so much for this awesome prize! My daughter picked out a new ceiling fan for her bedroom already and my guest room will get an update from LightsOnline. We also picked out some beautiful glasses from Denby and flowers from Easy to Grow Bulbs. Excited to check out the other brands as well. Thank you to all of the sponsors!"

Aleksandra N.

Roswell, GA

"Wow, thanks so much, FindKeep.Love, I am so grateful & thankful. Best highlight of 2020!!"

Thao V.

Brooklyn, NY

"Winning the Dreamy & Luxe Sweepstakes was one of the coolest experiences. I just couldn’t believe that I won. I had to read the email several times! I am still spending time on the sites going through their products and the greatest part of it all is that I get to share the winnings with my family. There is a little bit for everyone. Thank you FindKeep.Love!"

Olivia F.

Tucson, AZ

"Wow, I actually won the Healthy Living, Health You sweepstakes from FindKeepLove! What great prizes! And FindKeepLove was extremely quick and friendly getting it right out to me. Thanks bunches!"

Jan C.

Canastota, NY

"I can't believe I won all these prizes!!!! The time in quarantine will pass quickly while I peruse all my options to buy for myself and share with family and friends!!!!"

Lynn M.

Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for the great news, It's truly a Makes Me Smile moment."

Jeffrey J.

Elk Grove, CA

"I am grateful to be the recipient of these generous gifts! I am always looking for the healthiest and safest brands for my family and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to try the ones on this list that I haven't. Thank you so much for everything! My family and I will enjoy!"

Stacy L.

Kaukauna, WI

"I never thought I could possibly win these wonderful prizes and was so excited! My husband was happy also because he will be the recipient of some of these beautiful prizes. You have made Father's Day very special this year. Thank you again!"

Dorothy R.

Wakita, OK

"...Can’t wait to surprise my wife with this, she deserves it!"

Peter M.

Sandwich, MA

"I was happy to be selected as winner in Clean + Natural Summer Giveaway. I’ve received my prizes and looking forward to go for Getaway Outpost vacation I’ve won. Thanks, FindKeep.Love, for running sweepstakes offering such great prizes!"

Olga R.

Buffalo Grove, IL

"I'm a huge FindKeep.Love fan and enjoy entering their sweepstakes because they always have such fun prizes. I never thought I would actually win, but today I did! Best part of all is I finally get to fulfill an item on my bucket list by going to the Kentucky Derby. Thank you FindKeep.Love!!"

Tracy B.

Mechanicsville, VA

"I'm thankful I was chosen for this prize. Thanks to the Findkeep.Love team!"

Martin G.

Middlesex county, MA

"I love Josie Maran products so when there was a chance to win some, I entered right away. I am so excited that all the prizes line up beautifully with my lifestyle and fashion taste! Thank you!"

Emily L.

Tacoma, WA

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