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While we can’t answer for other sweepstakes companies, at FindKeep.Love, the answer is yes--every sweepstakes has a winner! Nothing quite beats the rush of winning free stuff online, and at FindKeep.Love, we give people the opportunity to do so everyday. The Win Free Money Sweepstakes is just that--a free chance to win $1,000 in cash! Make no mistake, this is a sweepstakes you can really win money from.

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The Win Free Money Sweepstakes is not an instant win cash sweepstakes. It is, however, a contest to win money that has a very low barrier for entry. When you enter your email, you’ll be automatically entered to win our $1,000 cash prize contest. The Win $1,000 Cash Sweepstakes is a no purchase necessary sweepstakes--there is no purchase or fiscal action required for you to enter to win. 

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Want to make money without working? Now is your chance! The Win Free Money Sweepstakes is perfect if you want to win money online but don’t want to have to work to get it. You too can get money without a job by entering our $1,000 cash giveaway.